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Wesconi strive to be a positive and productive connection between international companies and people. With openness, honesty, and diligence, we want to build lasting WIN-WIN partnerships and experience healthy growth as both companies and individuals.

We are service provider for international companies in Slovakia and the surrounding countries. We do not focus on consultation but rather on the successful implementation for the benefit of all involved.

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Sme vlastníkmi certifikátov ISO 9001:2015 a ISO 14001:2015

V auguste 2016 splnila naša spoločnosť Wesconi s.r.o. jeden zo svojich cieľov: úspešne prešla auditom a získala certifikát kvality podľa ISO 9001 : 2015 a certifikát environmentálneho manažérstva ISO 14001:2015.

Im August 2016 wurde unsere Gesellschaft Wesconi s.r.o. erfolgreich nach QS-Mangementsystem ISO 9001:2015 und nach ISO 14001:2015 zertifiziert. 



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Rekord-Autoproduktion in der Slowakei

AUTOINDUSTRIE ⋅ Die Slowakei hat 2015 erstmals mehr als eine Million Autos produziert. Damit baute das nur 5,4 Millionen Einwohner zählende Land seine Rolle als "Automobil-Produktions-Weltmeister" im Verhältnis zur Einwohnerzahl weiter aus.


Mit einer Jahresproduktion von 1'038'503 Autos habe man einen neuen Rekordwert von 190 Autos pro 1000 Einwohnern erreicht, teilte der Verband der Automobilindustrie ZAP am Mittwoch in Bratislava mit. Schon 2014 sei dieser Wert mit 179 Autos pro 1000 Einwohner der höchste der Welt...

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Subdodávateľ Jaguara chce v Nitre preinvestovať milióny eur

Firma Gestamp Nitra, s. r. o. plánuje vytvoriť v dvoch etapách 396 nových pracovných miest.


Firma Gestamp Nitra, s. r. o. plánuje v Nitre preinvestovať 100 miliónov eur a vytvoriť v dvoch etapách 396 nových pracovných miest. V priemyselnom parku Sever postaví v katastrálnom území obce Lužianky lisovací závod na výrobu dielov pre automobilový priemysel, najmä pre automobilku Jaguar Land Rover. 

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New rail terminal planned for Nitra


The reason for the project is to increase the share of railway transport on the market.

THE NITRA-North industrial park, where the Jaguar Land Rover carmaker will operate, will get a new terminal for intermodal transport, sometime in early 2018.

The terminal is to be used by all companies which operate, or will operate, in the Nitra industrial park. The project includes six rails, building a fortified surface for storage of goods, and building a new connecting rail from the Lužianky railway station.

The tender was announced by the railway...

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Turnaround & Restructuring



Wesconi operates on the Slovak market, where actively supports companies within automotive industry. We offer results-orientated, comprehensive solution in variety of crisis situation, where urgent action and rapid change is needed as well as clear decision. It is in our best interest that non-functional condition of the company is repaired as quickly as possible through reorganising, where principles of restructuring, turnaround management are being used.  


Clients also find helpful our support during M&A transactions, where all the necessary...